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I am staying at the Marriot Residents Inn in Portsmouth NewHampshire Peace , with a very big company , we are being treated awful... num 1 There is never enough food .

@ Adam the manager is awful to deal with , num 3 Liz the district manager is very good friends with adam and will not fix any off the complaints... MY men started a potion abot the food, Key cards never ever work , 5 of us came back from work at 12am none of us once again could not get into our rooms, the third shift lady could not even get us in something was wrong with her master key.... when the food issue was brought to Adam and Liz then the vice president , we were told we make enough money to buy food and quote un quote we are thinking of taking the food away from you guys and just going to snacks... THE Vice President Tom Varley is and just as rude as his staff,he look at me like he was better than us and only gave me about 5min of his time ...

Bottom line he has his management didnot want to here it .... There are many many other issues and it is really upsetting to be treated in such a manner...

we as a group are tired of hearing about another manager who got fired and now there missing 85,0000 and are trying to cut back , yes as shocking as what that sounds that is what was told to us by the 24yr old manager they hired.... we just love being greeted with him fist bumping us .

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Cumming, Georgia, United States #631652

prettygirl68 you need to take a English class,that is what really sucks

Nachod, Kralovehradecky Kraj, Czech Republic #209841

I agree with these statements , but to many zeros it was 85,000 thousand dollers we were told that was taken by old management .... the nick name for this hotel is welfare ally , IT SUCKS ..

the key cards are a major issue ,one guy could not get into his room to get his heart medicine so it took ADAM to take his lock apart at 1am in the morning , when adam was ask again about new key card machine coming in , once again he said any day , well hes been saying that for weeks... it is none of managements business on how much money we may make , there food is another huge issue ...

I donot reccomend Marriot Resident Inn at peace portsmouth to stay at !!!!!! the managment , district manager , and Tom Valery need to go !!!!!!

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