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Apparently, the management and staff at Grandville MI Residence Inn have no regard for the do not disturb sign. I am a long term residence ( over a year) and do not feel I need my room "rearranged" daily.

So, I put out the do not disturb sign a couple of days a week.

The management had the nerve to call me at 9pm and say that the cleaning folk were upset that they could not go into my room.

I said I did not need anything but they went in anyway and yet, again re arranged my things. Apparently, there is little or no respect for the customer at this hotel.

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Milpitas, California, United States #1231402

If you think that's bad, try complaining to RYAN MCCARTHY at the Residence Inn, Redondo Beach, CA. The BEDBUGS there are HUGE and the vomiting begins with breakfast.

They charge a LOT OF MONEY for a *** place to NOT SLEEP DUE TO NOISES. There are CANCER-CAUSING high-tension electrick wire overhead.

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