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My wife and I stayed at this hotel for over 70-days this summer (June, July, & August, 2013) while our home was being repaired. The public needs to be aware that the hotel management, Samantha Callahan, and their insurance company, Farmers, take no responsibility for their dangerous, dirty, and contaminated swimming pool. This dirty contaminated swimming pool caused me to be admitted to the hospital for a Cellulitis Staph Infection (current medical bills are $15,000). We found trash, pool ***, and the swimming pool smelled like a toilet the day after a teenage party of 30 baseball players that were in tournaments at the nearby Surprise Baseball Stadium.

The hotel GM, Samantha Callahan, refused to take a complaint about the hotel pool and failed to call the county pool inspectors as she promised in her email. I call the county pool inspectors (Complaints: #13-18810 #13-22685) and they caught the Hotel employees draining the pool and hiding the dirty pool problem evidence. The county pool inspectors found low chemical levels (one inspection the pool had no chlorine), cloudy pool conditions, a skimmer not properly working, a pool gate that failed to properly self-close and self-latch, and no sign posted with the maximum number of swimmers allowed. It took 10-days for the inspectors to clear the low chemical level problems and 15-days to verify that the pool gate worked properly. The Public was at risk for most of August from this hotel's dirty contaminated pool that was not properly secured. The county pool inspectors were so concerned about these swimming pool problems that they inspected the hotel's swimming pool four times trying to protect the Public.

The hotel's response was that I cannot prove their swimming pool made me sick. The hotel's insurance company response was that I never should have gone into the pool if I saw that it was dirty. I got out of the pool immediately when I smelled the urine in the swimming pool and gave the trash (wrappers and a beer top pull) to the hotel's swimming pool maintenance, Chris. The Public needs to test this swimming pool before they use it. The Public needs be aware that when you use this swimming pool that you swim at your own risk because the swimming pool is poorly maintained and the hotel management takes no responsibility for any injury or illness it causes. It will take me many months for me to heal from the Cellulitis Staph Infection and the ankle sprain caused when I fell because I could not walk.

This hotel does not care about quality service, quality property conditions, and caring honesty.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

  • Swim at Your Own Risk
  • CDC Reports that Public Pools are
  • Test the Water in Public Swimming
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Sun City West, Arizona, United States #734546

Our Attorney contacted the Residence Inn by Marriott and spoke to the Hotel GM Samantha Callahan. Ms.

Callahan continued to threatened to sue me for Defamation of Character if we continued to posted negative reviews of the hotel. I have decided to drop any legal actions due to my wife's poor health (she is dying of liver rejection caused by her exposure to toxic mold).

I am still walking with a walker due to my injuries at the hotel and it will take me months to heal. This hotel and GM doesn't care.

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